The Tao

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A righteous and blissful life is approachable only when you follow your conscience The conscience is invisible and impalpable. How can you follow it? It speaks through images, like shadows in the dark But how faintly and obscurely The conscience is hidden but it carries the essentials of everything inside The true life-force shelters itself inside conscience Everything people know deeply inside is stowed within the conscience It has always been there since the beginning, with many different names The conscience separates truth from lie How do I know all this? My conscience has told me that it's so


Dissension becomes unity The impure becomes pure The voids shall be filled The old becomes new One who has nothing, receives everything One who has a lot, receives nothing One who is wise cherishes simplicity and in this way he is an example to the world He is modest and therefore he excels He doesn’t have to prove himself and that’s why people trust his words He has nothing to defend and therefore he is invulnerable So the aphorism of the wise of old “The imperfect becomes perfect” is true The perfect considers the world as his home


One who knows oneself doesn’t need a lot of words A whirlwind doesn’t last all morning A shower doesn’t last a whole day Where do wind and rain come from? They sprout from nature If nature doesn’t endure its rains and storms Then why should a human being have to talk so much? So the One who follows his conscience, coincides with his conscience One who lives an exemplary life, will be an example One who loses oneself, doesn’t know who he is anymore One who finds oneself, finds bliss One who loses oneself, loses true life One who does not trust oneself, will not be trusted


One who stands on tiptoe, doesn’t stand firmly One who walks in a forced way, doesn’t come far One who is vain, doesn’t shine One who justifies oneself, isn’t credible One who brags, will be unmasked One who works one’s way up, humiliates oneself To a wise man these are nothing but follies One who lives righteously and honestly, refrains oneself from these things


Before Creation revealed itself There was already something, perfect but formless Quiet and unchanging Ubiquitous and inexhaustible People might consider it as the creating force of everything that is I cannot describe it, but I just call it Tao If I have to interpret it , I would name it “The Universe” With that Universe I mean that which extends itself everywhere The infinitely extending and returning Therefore the creative is great and the creation great and so is a wise man So there is a trinity of greatnesses and one of them is the true human being A true human being follows his nature, nature and all its eternally unchanging laws The laws of nature are the eternal order of the Universe The order of the Universe is well-founded by the Unnameable


Heavy is the source of that which is light The unmoved mover is the origin of all movement Therefore a true human being can be in motion all day Not because it is him moving himself But because he just floats on life Like a spectator he enjoys the wonderful and sparkling creation Why should he, as the centre of the world, Consider himself minor to that world? One who knows his grandeur, comes loose of the world One who wanders restlessly in that world, has lost oneself

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