Christmas Bells

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BIRDS OF PASSAGE FLIGHT THE THIRD. Fata Morgana The Haunted Chamber The Meeting Vox Populi The Castle-Builder Changed The Challenge The Brook and the Wave Aftermath

THE MASQUE OF PANDORA. I. The Workshop of Hephaestus II. Olympus III. Tower of Prometheus on Mount Caucasus IV. The Air V. The House of Epimetheus VI. In the Garden VII. The House of Epimetheus VIII. In the Garden



A BOOK OF SONNETS. Three Friends of Mine Chaucer Shakespeare Milton Keats The Galaxy The Sound of the Sea A Summer Day by the Sea The Tides A Shadow A Nameless Grave Sleep The Old Bridge at Florence Il Ponte Vecchio di Firenze Nature In the Churchyard at Tarrytown Eliot's Oak The Descent of the Muses Venice The Poets Parker Cleaveland The Harvest Moon To the River Rhone The Three Silences of Molinos The Two Rivers Boston St. John's, Cambridge Moods Woodstock Park The Four Princesses at Wilna Holidays Wapentake The Broken Oar The Cross of Snow

BIRDS OF PASSAGE FLIGHT THE FOURTH. Charles Sumner Travels by the Fireside Cadenabbia Monte Cassino Amalfi The Sermon of St. Francis Belisarius Songo River


BIRDS OF PASSAGE. FLIGHT THE FIFTH. The Herons of Elmwood A Dutch Picture Castles in Spain Vittoria Colonna The Revenge of Rain-in-the-Face To the River Yvette The Emperor's Glove A Ballad or the French Fleet The Leap of Roushan Beg Haroun Al Raschid. King Trisanku A Wraith in the Mist The Three Kings Song: "Stay, Stay at Home, my Heart, and Rest." The White Czar Delia

ULTIMA THULE. Dedication Poems Bayard Taylor The Chamber over the Gate From my Arm-Chair Jugurtha The Iron Pen Robert Burns Helen of Tyre Elegiac Old St. David's at Radnor FOLK-SONGS. The Sifting of Peter Maiden and Weathercock The Windmill The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls SONNETS My Cathedral The Burial of the Poet Night L'ENVOI. The Poet and his Songs

IN THE HARBOR. Becalmed The Poet's Calendar Autumn Within The Four Lakes of Madison Victor and Vanquished Moonlight The Children's Crusade Sundown Chimes Four by the Clock Auf Wiedersehen Elegiac Verse The City and the Sea Memories Hermes Trismegistus To the Avon President Garfield My Books Mad River Possibilities Decoration Day A Fragment Loss and Gain Inscription on the Shanklin Fountain The Bells of San Blas

FRAGMENTS. "Neglected record of a mind neglected" "O Faithful, indefatigable tides" "Soft through the silent air" "So from the bosom of darkness"

CHRISTUS: A MYSTERY. Introitus PART I. THE DIVINE TRAGEDY. The First Passover I. Vox Clamantis II. Mount Quarantania III. The Marriage in Cana IV. In the Cornfields V. Nazareth VI. The Sea of Galilee VII. The Demoniac of Gadara IX. The Tower of Magdala X. The House of Simon the Pharisee The Second Passover I. Before the Gates of Machaerus II. Herod's Banquet-Hall III. Under the Wall of Machaerus IV. Nicodemus at Night V. Blind Bartimeus VI. Jacob's Well VII. The Coasts of Caesarea Philippi VIII. The Young Ruler IX. At Bethany X. Born Blind XI. Simon Magus and Helen of Tyre The Third Passover I. The Entry into Jerusalem II. Solomon's Porch III. Lord, is it I? IV. The Garden of Gethsemane V. The Palace of Caiaphas VI. Pontius Pilate VII. Barabbas in Prison VIII. Ecce Homo IX. Aceldama X. The Three Crosses XI. The Two Maries XII. The Sea of Galilee Epilogue. Symbolum Apostolorum First Interlude. The Abbot Joachim

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