Great Women

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Queens of society first seen in Italy Provencal poetry in its connection with chivalrous sentiments Chivalry the origin of society Society in Paris in the 17th Century Marquise de Rambouillet Her _salons_ Mademoiselle de Scuderi Early days of Madame Recamier Her marriage Her remarkable beauty and grace Her _salons_ Her popularity Courted by Napoleon Loss of property Friendship with Madame de Stael Incurs the hatred of Napoleon Friendship with Ballanche Madame Recamier in Italy Return to Paris Duke of Montmorency Seclusion of Madame Recamier Her intimate friends Friendship with Chateaubriand His gifts and high social position His retirement from political life His old age soothed by Recamier Her lovely disposition Her beautiful old age Her death Her character Remarks on society Sources of its fascinations



Literature in the 18th Century Rise of Madame de Stael Her precocity Her powers of conversation Her love of society Her marriage Hatred of Napoleon Her banishment Her residence in Switzerland Travels in Germany Her work on literature Her book on Germany Its great merits German philosophy Visit to Italy Sismondi "Corinne" Its popularity A description of Italy Marriage with Rocca Madame de Stael in England Her honors Return to Paris Incense offered to her Her amazing eclat Her death Her merits as an author Inaugurated a new style in literature Her followers Her influence Literary women Their future



Progress of female education Youth of Hannah More Her accomplishments Teaches school Intimacy with great men Shines in society Wearied of it Her ridicule of fashionable gatherings called society Retirement to Cowslip Green Her patrons and friends Labors in behalf of the poor Foundation of schools Works on female education Their good influence Their leading ideas Christian education Removal to Barley Wood Views of society Her distinguished visitors "Coelebs in Search of a Wife" "Christian Morals" Her laboring at the age of eighty The quiet elegance of her life Removal to Clifton Happy old age Death Exalted character Remarks on female education The sphere of woman What is woman to do?



Notable eras of modern civilization Nineteenth Century, the age of novelists Scott, Fielding, Dickens, Thackeray Bulwer; women novelists Charlotte Bronte, Harriet Beecher Stowe, George Eliot Early life of Marian Evans Appearance, education, and acquirements Change in religious views; German translations; Continental travel Westminster Review; literary and scientific men Her alliance with George Henry Lewes Her life with him Literary labors First work of fiction, "Amos Barton," with criticism upon her qualities as a novelist, illustrated by the story "Mr. Gilfils Love Story" "Adam Bede" "The Mill on the Floss" "Silas Marner" "Romola" "Felix Holt" "Middlemarch" "Daniel Deronda" "Theophrastus Such" General characteristics of George Eliot Death of Mr. Lewes; her marriage with Mr. Cross Lofty position of George Eliot in literature Religious views and philosophical opinions Her failure as a teacher of morals Regret at her abandonment of Christianity

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