Jewish Heroes and Prophets

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Sadness and greatness of Jeremiah Second as a prophet only to Isaiah Jeremiah the Prophet of Despair Evil days in which he was born National misfortunes predicted Idolatry the crying sin of the times Discovery of the Book of Deuteronomy Renewed study of the Law The reforms of Josiah The greatness of Josiah Inability to stem prevailing wickedness Incompleteness of Josiah's reforms Necho II. extends his conquests Death of Josiah Lamentations on the death of Josiah Rapid decline of the kingdom The voice of Jeremiah drowned Invasion of Assyria by Necho Shallum succeeds Josiah Eliakim succeeds Shallum His follies Judah's relapse into idolatry Neglect of the Sabbath Jeremiah announces approaching calamity His voice unheeded His despondency Fall of Nineveh Defeat and retreat of Necho Greatness of Nebuchadnezzar Appears before Jerusalem Fall of Jerusalem, but destruction delayed Folly and infatuation of the people of Jerusalem Revolt of the city Zedekiah the king temporizes Expostulations of Jeremiah Nebuchadnezzar loses patience Second fall of Jerusalem The captivity Weeping by the river of Babylon



Eventful career of Judas Maccabaeus Condition of the Jews after their return from Babylon Condition of Jerusalem Fanatical hatred of idolatry Severe morality of the Jews after the captivity The Pharisees The Sadducees Synagogues, their number and popularity The Jewish Sanhedrim Advance in sacred literature Apocryphal Books Isolation of the Jews Dark age of Jewish history Power of the high priests The Persian Empire Judaea a province of the Persian Empire Jews at Alexandria Judaea the battle-ground of Egyptians and Syrians The Syrian kings Antiochus Epiphanes His persecution of the Jews Helplessness of the Jews Sack of Jerusalem Desecration of the Temple Mattathias His piety and bravery Revolt of Mattathias Slaughter of the Jews Death of Mattathias His gallant sons Judas Maccabaeus His military genius The Syrian generals Wrath of Antiochus Desolation of Jerusalem Judas defeats the Syrian general Judas cleanses and dedicates the Temple Fortifies Jerusalem The Feast of Dedication Renewed hostilities Successes of Judas Death of Antiochus Deliverance of the Jews Rivalry between Lysias and Philip Death of Eleazer Bacchides Embassy to Rome Death of Judas Maccabaeus Judas succeeded by his brother Jonathan Heroism of Jonathan His death by treachery Jonathan succeeded by his brother Simon Simon's military successes His prosperous administration Succeeded by John Hyrcanus The great talents and success of John Hyrcanus The Asmonean princes Pompey takes Jerusalem Accession of Herod the Great He destroys the Asmonean princes His prosperous reign Foundation of Caesarea Latter days of Herod Loathsome death of Herod Birth of Jesus, the Christ



Birth and early days of Saul His Phariseeism His persecution of the Christians His wonderful conversion His leading idea Saul a preacher at Damascus Saul's visit to Jerusalem Saul in Tarsus Saul and Barnabas at Antioch Description of Antioch Contribution of the churches for Jerusalem Saul and Barnabas at Jerusalem Labors and discouragements Saul and Barnabas at Cyprus Saul smites Elymas the sorcerer Missionary travels of Paul Paul converts Timothy Paul at Lystra and Derbe Return of Paul to Antioch Controversy about circumcision Bigotry of the Jewish converts Paul again visits Jerusalem Paul and Barnabas quarrel Paul chooses Silas for a companion Paul and Silas visit the infant churches Tact of Paul Paul and Luke The missionaries at Philippi Paul and Silas at Thessalonica Paul at Athens Character of the Athenians The success of Paul at Athens Paul goes to Corinth Paul led before Gallio Mistake of Gallio Paul's Epistle to the Thessalonians Paul at Ephesus The Temple of Diana Excessive labors of Paul at Ephesus Paul's first Epistle to the Corinthians Popularity of Apollos Second Epistle to the Corinthians Paul again at Corinth Epistles to the Galatians and to the Romans The Pauline theology Paul's last visit to Jerusalem His cold reception His arrest and imprisonment The trial of Paul before Felix Character of Felix Paul kept a prisoner by Felix Paul's defence before Festus Paul appeals to Caesar Paul preaches before Agrippa His voyage to Italy Paul's life at Rome Character of Paul His magnificent services His triumphant death

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