Jewish Heroes and Prophets

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Early years of Solomon His first acts as monarch The prosperity of his kingdom Glory of Solomon His mistakes His marriage with an Egyptian princess His harem Building of the Temple Its magnificence The treasures accumulated in it Its dedication The sacrifices in its honor Extraordinary celebration of the Festivals The royal palace in Jerusalem The royal palace on Mount Lebanon Excessive taxation of the people Forced labor Change of habits and pursuits Solomon's effeminacy and luxury His unpopularity His latter days of shame His death Character Influence of his reign His writings Their great value The Canticles The Proverbs Praises of wisdom and knowledge Ecclesiastes contrasted with Proverbs Cynicism of Ecclesiastes Hidden meaning of the book The writing of Solomon rich in moral wisdom His wisdom confirmed by experience Lessons to be learned by the career of Solomon



Evil days fall on Israel Division of the kingdom under Rehoboam Jeroboam of Israel sets up golden calves Other innovations Egypt attacks Jerusalem City saved only by immense contribution Interest centres in the northern kingdom Ruled by bad kings Given to idolatry under Ahab Influence of Jezebel The priests of Baal The apostasy of Israel The prophet Elijah His extraordinary appearance Appears before Ahab Announces calamities Flight of Elijah The drought The woman of Zarephath Shields and feeds Elijah He restores her son to life Miseries of the drought Elijah confronts Ahab Assembly of the people at Mount Carmel Presentation of choice between Jehovah and Baal Elijah mocks the priests of Baal Triumphs, and slays them Elijah promises rain The tempest Ahab seeks Jezebel She threatens Elijah in her wrath Second flight of Elijah His weakness and fear The still small voice Selection of Elisha to be prophet He becomes the companion of Elijah Character and appearance of Elisha War between Ahab and Benhadad Naboth and his vineyard Chagrin and melancholy of Ahab Wickedness and cunning of Jezebel Murder of Naboth Dreadful rebuke of Elijah Despair of Ahab Athaliah and Jehoshaphat Death of Ahab Regency of Jezebel Ahaziah and Elijah Fall of Ramoth-Gilead Reaction to idolatry Jehu Death of Jezebel Death of Ahaziah The massacres and reforms of Jehu Extermination of idolatry Last days of Elijah His translation



Superiority of Judah to Israel A succession of virtuous princes Syrian wars The prophet Joel Outward prosperity of the kingdom of Judah Internal decay Assyrian conquests Tiglath-pilneser Fall of Damascus Fall of Samaria Demoralization of Jerusalem Birth of Isaiah His exalted character Invasion of Judah by the Assyrians Hezekiah submits to Sennacherib Rebels anew Renewed invasion of Judah Signal deliverance The warnings and preaching of Isaiah His terrible denunciations of sin Retribution the spirit of his preaching Holding out hope by repentance Absence of art in his writings National wickedness ending in calamities God's moral government Isaiah's predictions fulfilled Woes denounced on Judah Fall of Babylon foretold Predicted woes of Moab Woes denounced on Egypt Calamities of Tyre General predictions of woe on other nations End and purpose of chastisements Isaiah the Prophet of Hope The promised glories of the Chosen People Messianic promises Exultation of Isaiah His catholicity The promised reign of peace The future glories of the righteous Glad tidings declared to the whole world Messianic triumphs

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