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her like formed pearl in  an ocean of darkness let us finish the time diaphanous touch like bleeding light transparent  as velvet underground music but without touch  all is vain seascapes and sea-gates her eyes to enter breaths and curtains and rainbow carnations of tender martyrdoms chocolate martinis and  Baileys  as balsam in the Intermezzo […]

listening to your wind

in your bedouvin eyes brightness falls and i retreat to my shades of abstruction and like a deer frosen by the earlier beam ob light i wait for your next move your next bloom in the dessert of my life as a rage of the one that loves you passions and whispers into the ever […]

this kind of place

sun-dazzled by its beauty the dreamlike sea gathers winds music made of words of dunes outside the world visible in the fields of the heart through the windows of your eyes a refuge from the outside keep me in your arms to be woven with your whispers toward the Bay

nextdoor woman

the woman next door with the innocence of lilies in empty darkness with thin flesh cries with no tears shown leaves from the riverbank fly a measure -keeper of her fading shadows she waits for the end of all things she lured me in for a slave girl for another painting. she can not see […]


the defence and apology of my poetic method is beauty not measured by divine madness rather jury theatrical in the court of melodramatic grandiosity as trial has ended the verdict is out guilty as charged for many verbal excesses and stylistic arrogance idiosyncratic genius of story as ballad has fail very few liked my distorting […]

In your blue veins where my fictions begun

born and vanish in these virgin shores white marble glory aqua stone erupting from the dust of the universe unfolds a peculiar immensity of freedom and beatitudes of mind not yet explored the emotions you see that innate boundaries are frontiers i shall never know illuminated beauty the sea i shall never possess radiance of […]

hills of bees and wine

in the bed of the grapevine I fall and I sleep together by coincidence recollecting idols of visiting women sexual tonalities of loving memory of broken leaves grapes and wine and coloured limbs seen as veins metaphors of spirals wants intoxicated Dionysian measuring loneliness of absent paths soft brown body sand-coloured their secret or line […]


Dream horses into the opium of sleep an avalanche of motion killed by the painted sky back to you sarcokisses i am falling from the clouds wings shrouded in blue the darkened sand of the breaking wave eludes me revealing the boundless plain. deeply immersed in your bed of linen i am vanishing demolished bodies […]

in the land of lystrygones

modern castaway i am travelling with seven tourist virgins to Ithaca the island of such Homeric fame blind the storm winds blind the moist rain blind also I am a naval Tiresias from long life wasted in the lands of cyclops and lystrigones returning sweet is my return before the dawn enters sand is smooth […]

when the crickets hasitate

Mystic breaths of sea-scent a soft sand fluttering and the moon sinks into the depths of my hidden veins If you see metaphors to bloom like a path into the mirror’s reflection is my drops of blood that crafts shining leaves blossomed at night when I close my eyes as the wind blows away my […]