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cantos for mad men(candice nine)

Unsung lamentation, love you are. this measurement of my lonely erotic life. my rage against passion you are my poems my broken pieces of art you are the Darkness that is beginning. that light that descents to void hearts two rivers we are in one like blood sprouting in our atrium of soul that becomes […]

cantos for mad men(candice eight)

fiery red lips enslaving my mind the gates where porphyry milky-light draws me in authorial mother of night bound goddess line of the flaming-sky from the honey of figs of August my phantasm creates and opens veins hanging breast and moving hair ladder climbing for the early kiss of madman taking her breath of love […]

candice seven

i will never escape from your shadow transparent your eye erotic space offered as fountain of youth cut out of clouds in the dusk without faith forgetting the movements of my soul your path  now that corrupts my vision images of the vanishing, surrounded  by foreign hands and your new lovers rustic light the rising […]

unseen hands(for Candice)

unseen hands pain not spoken not written. tied up in the dark i saw from the coast that i was drowned behind the paper moon Scores of dreams to show to light like the calm reflections that land the sinners in the hills of silence the wind was mine only i reached the lines of […]

Amore (strong language)

not even a half goodbye you will search but you will not find my love like shadow will hang around  you you will be lost without me you will remember me when i will leave my red kiss my red wine your wish your eyes full of light the day i lost  your sight now […]

Candice (beauty revisited)

———————— she looked like island in high seas like a barrack that the soldiers used and abused she meditates on dirty stigmas on the wall now her shades of pale radiance barren visuals no sense of calm eyes communion of oval openings promising the art of erotic escape her eyes now changed filled with fury […]

an abstruct season

it’s an abstract season like nomadic wayfarer i explore your soma your cries and whispers have no orthography in the sexual grammar Still naked still idol of many trade winds breathless i write with broken silences .. my pen drips blood into your amoral heart your blue lustre made of sweat and pearl. your face: […]

loving(for Candice)

chrysalises of beauty her soft flesh. sensuous fall her words is a melody for virgins and of nocturne purity. most occult of the desires of his lonely nights in the intimacy of this erotic flesh to be in vain her touch slides into his skin. curves of love can no longer wait. the serenity to […]

speak to me memory

speak to me memory the language of seagulls behind the hills behind the sweating sight beds of sand tatooed by sudden wind curved and open crevices particles of the skin of earth with snake linear language where the path into the cliff blue turns white foaming air seeped through the stones ethereal as moans of […]

notes on serenity

abandoned forever with this unmarked serenity here the sea as translucent tiny river where dry river becomes sea with lean stones without marks of aqua passage only a graphic stream of sorrowful light lean light that brings panoramic essence to this mercurial space and then joins down below the sea of meadows transformed to virgin […]