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Publicliterature.org has two (2) major features. It is separated into a blog, and classic books (these books can be read in full online).

Modern Books Blog:

PublicLiterature.org showcases some of the greatest authors from around the world. The authors provide samples of their work such as poetry, excerpts from books, short stories, and plays.

Classic Books:

PublicLiterature.org provides a user-friendly interface to read books online. Many tools are provided to explore and utilize this collection of public domain books,poetry, tutorials and audio. Please see our Privacy Policy.


PublicLiterature.Org is an invitation-only partnership of the top authors in the world. Many high-profile authors use our column to discuss their latest work, talk about upcoming events, and share their thoughts. Additionally, we give aspiring writers the opportunity to share their work with a wider audience.

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Our interpretation is as follows. PublicLiterature.Org does not take ownership of your work. Rather, the original author retains ownership but your work may be shared in its original form (no derivative works) and it may not be sold. The author may add any additional licensing information at the end of each post.