Three sides to a Coin

Where there is darkness,
there is also a light
shivering somewhere
alone in its fright.

Where there is warring,
there is also a love
hiding alone in a corner
within sight of a gun.

There are always two sides
and a ridge to a coin.
We can be right or be wrong
or teeter between the goings.

Where there is rain
there is also a drought
delivering to the faithful
such withering doubt.

Where there is hope
there is also despair
smiling at some hopeful
young heart fair.

Where there are dreams
there is also a waking
wisping images into memory.
Interpretations for the taking.

There are three parts to a coin.
Not just a trick coin in play.
There is always the black and white
but life exists more within gray.

©June 28, 2008 Lori S. Maynard

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i like it.

your writing is simple and i can relate to it… i certainly liked it!!!

good poem

simple meaningful reality

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