cantos for mad men(candice nine)

Unsung lamentation, love you are.
this measurement of my lonely erotic life.
my rage against passion
you are my poems my broken pieces of art
you are the Darkness that is beginning.
that light that descents to void hearts
two rivers we are in one
like blood sprouting in our atrium of soul
that becomes lust in the senses
and gleam in your eye- tears
in the azure murals angel of sleep
among gold tapestries of flesh
and you breath into my mind holy smoke
behind your eyes fixed like ivory holy ghost
like the memory of
dreams of flesh in the harvests of shadows
I blame you you blame me
with  instincts of love all given inside the white linen
The glittering of the moon in your stoned face
virgin as the flower of the holy rite
your body like an antique statue crying
a wreath of porphyry rose in your hair
blue touch sanctuary lust and breast bare
snake eyes resembling a ray of light
mystic you lost love and I the darkness of night

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beautiful poem I am not named Candice but Jan

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