cantos for mad men(candice eight)

fiery red lips enslaving my mind
the gates where
porphyry milky-light
draws me in authorial mother of night
bound goddess line
of the flaming-sky
from the honey of figs of August
my phantasm creates and opens veins
hanging breast and moving hair ladder
climbing for the early kiss of madman
taking her breath of love play as
aromatic blowing oil
she enters my bed of circle coil
searching for the significant other
the beholder the poet and the lover
I embraced her curvature landscape where
the books of love are vanished
in the dreamscape of creation
i found my old remembrance in the rooms of the heart
voices of tenderness and unending pain
why my lord and destiny have you forsaken me
i have slept with the serpent and was thrown to the lion
and ihave sacrificed my genesis to the lover of the lesser god
memory stricken and catharsis bound
i bend with the wind of bitterness and the kisses of the sage
in the course of nostalgia about their ikons of youth
night by day they become incandescently impersonal
an endangered species non svelte lovers
confessions is the discovery of their sins
that comes under the mask of banal holiness
at the first level they lay your origins and sex roots
pretending to be innocent and non receptive of ecstasy
a spectrum of mimic mannequin passions
that fall as the veils of desire
the sweet gender is to be explored as orgasmic pyre for progeny
slow and cerebral writing the cuneiform of life
in the gardens they still gather apples for their defence of their redemptive aesthetic beauty or as blessed victims of
their carnal pleasures

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Very powerful writing! Keep on!

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