candice seven

i will never escape from your shadow
transparent your eye erotic
space offered as fountain of youth
cut out of clouds in the dusk without faith
forgetting the movements of my soul
your path  now that corrupts
my vision images of the vanishing,
surrounded  by foreign hands and your new lovers
rustic light the rising suns
winds and tides your figure
a carnal alchemy of hands into your depths
like a blossom in the field, more beautiful
than the firmament
a seed in which is encoded with many angularities
eyes that blossom also look more reflective
for i hold the vault of your mouth’s desires
not spoken kisses not forced touches of consummation
the other is touching your hair
and i kiss you alone in my dark dreams
i will never get over you you will never get over me
my other self always antithetical
to your moves as wishes overflow
why is passion always the murmur of groves
and why my hand ever trebling to execute
a simple order of my heart?
why is your lips as flowers
and i a snail eating fallen roses..
blinded by a marble-silk touch of muse
with blood’s light secrets
upon the stroke of  my pen
and digital eyes thirsty of doves
and fragmental passions into wine presses of love
sailing and dreaming my dreams to come
i never will get away from your erotic shadows

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