Amore (strong language)

not even a half goodbye
you will search but you will not find
my love like shadow will hang around  you
you will be lost without me
you will remember me when i will leave
my red kiss
my red wine your wish
your eyes full of light
the day i lost  your sight
now your heart is auctioned
for my half of my life
someone else the champion of my rage
for the one i loved will never embrace
I knew it was the end when finally she ask me ( why you look at me that way)
It was nearly a month i was visiting her at work running into her
without her talking, avoiding only talking to her phone without
acknowledging my presence or my existence
she went back to a new old boyfriend, and i started getting bored
it was good to see her and realized that it  was still plenty of resentment
being harbored underneath of all this apparent good will of mine
and lets be friends- rhetoric.
She became a sea of emptiness a vast erotic disappointment of her
bits of shit and her boyfriend vanities floating in an ocean of
erotic darkness.It was time to get the hell out  without to say good-bye

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