notes on serenity

abandoned forever
with this unmarked serenity
here the sea as translucent tiny river where dry river becomes sea
with lean stones without marks of aqua passage
only a graphic stream of sorrowful light
lean light that brings panoramic essence
to this mercurial space
and then joins down below the sea of meadows
transformed to virgin mauve light
and lets the wind to murmur with myriad air sermons
a new craving a new litany
a song of sage
until it suffers a new direction
across and then back to the myrtle hill
a darkened path of royal red with sun escaping
with his roaming eye
and i a worshiper upon its gaze
to see unwoven thirsty wine nights
the darkness and the light
formatted in an ocean of void like a  virgin pearl
imitating the life of a soul and its disquieted moments
of early dawn fresh from the saga of dream
leaps from the esoteric world to the visual repetition of life
and if the sun ever died this purity of darkness would engulf the body as  cover of the beginning of eternity
i wear this birth  this sentiment of fear in the lost cities
among the ruins of my lost temples of thought
a limbo of unaligned emotions  one meaningless without the other the golden light ( without the sun)
the unique delight of martyrdom
that survived the visited  desire
so let the shadows come fast
and the forbidden flesh as new breath
with oily skins and pure almond eyes

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