To Gaze

I watch her sit there, lovely
Beside the azure, crystal, stream
Sun laughing throughout her hair
Dandelions kissing her knees

She hums a song, familiar
Her mother once loved to sing
A song meant for her smile
Her name was the melody

Carefully, she plucks the petals
One by one, off the daisy’s crown
Thinking of ‘love me, love me not’
Releasing the tokens upon the ground

Her sky painted eyes sparkle
From the light of secret keys
Which unlock earth’s treasure
When tears lace her soft cheeks

Although, the rapture of storms will rise
On her hillside, where sunflowers speak
She adorns a blessing beside her heart
-A crucifix, with dried, rose beads

She studies the clouds play masquerade
While they sail across a lazy sky
Curiously, they shift to change shape
Silently, she wonders deep inside~

-Why could I not be born a bird,
To soar with open arms, so free?
I would decorate each sunset;
And get lost within a night breeze

-Why can I not be dressed with wings,
To harbor the beauty of a dove?
Why is my gift, soil beneath my feet,
Has my flesh not suffered enough?

Then, windows of her eyes wept sorrow
-Like two panes that frame melting, stained glass
She raises her arms and face, to heaven
Worship renews her spirit at last

She can hear the calling whisper
-Of the wind caress the trees
Inhales the scent of blossoms
-While the earth beneath her breathes

I watch her set there, lovely
Beside the azure, crystal, stream
Sunlight laughing throughout her hair
Dandelions kissing her knees

I look for just a moment longer
Into the reflection, which is.. me
Dip my finger to twirl the water
To gaze at my spirit, dance in peace

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