Today I walked but not alone,
through a garden of many songs.
For a gentle breeze took my hand and invited me to follow.
Transparent gold veils streamed through the forest canopy,
enticing shadows to form before my naked feet.
Upon each side of my path stood miniture armies
of violets and marigolds,
as I would pass they would brush my skin and kiss my feet.
“Thank you,” I said without a sound.
Dragonflies that laughed like rain led me to a valley frosted in petals.
I closed my eyes to inhale the apple blossom scent of childhood calling.
An azure tear fell from my eye.
Crystal liquid made of innocents became a seed for a wild-rose that awakes from the earth.
I knelt down beside the flower, held her face to my own.
Gentle I let her crimson petals caress my face, and left her with a kiss.
I lay myself down under the boughs of a willow tree.
He sways to the whisper of the great oaks songs.
I watch butterflies dance in a recital performed in my honor.
I closed my eyes.
My body and mind lie still as I drew my last breath.
My spirit awakes, atlas..
I can breathe.
Today I walked but not alone,
through a garden of many songs.

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I enjoyed this writing. Made me think of how I envision “A Midsummer Nights Dream”.

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