the defence and apology of my poetic method is
beauty not measured by divine madness rather
jury theatrical in the court of melodramatic grandiosity
as trial has ended the verdict is out guilty as charged
for many verbal excesses and stylistic arrogance
idiosyncratic genius of story as ballad has fail
very few liked my distorting remembering my iconoclastic
theories of love
to mesmerize, obsess, and educate in my sail
became a slave of metrics artificial impulse.
poetry of heart of darkness , my archetype.
original and conceptual ancient lines
in the web-like domain of grant didactic vision
i am a non -prolific writer lost in the the boundaries shade
wants to persuade lovers of different taste
cave in to my desire to please the crowd, to climb to the next stage.
i lost my craft my island of fame but poet is not an island Aristotelian mate
my divine inspiration my art my technĂȘ. has deserted me
I finish…this is my ambiguous ending

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Nick, this is really good, I bet the jury are scratching their heads, thanks for posting, WS

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