In your blue veins where my fictions begun

born and vanish
in these virgin shores
white marble glory aqua stone
erupting from the dust of the universe
unfolds a peculiar immensity of freedom
and beatitudes of mind
not yet explored the emotions
you see that innate boundaries
are frontiers i shall never know
illuminated beauty
the sea i shall never possess
radiance of women
evening falls
around the flowering inner
when the darkness stirs
we veiled velocity as chariots of embrace
in your blue cuneiform veins
i see my stillness
and the streaking spaces of bleeding
a surface of memory of lyric voices
whirling rivers of intimate eloquence
in your blue veins where all my fictions begun
dimmed light and perpetual motions
then vanished as serpents and lines
of sandstones of flesh
we slept in the ancient aegean rooms
in the hypotenuse hills
with honeysuckle and thyme
till our veins pulled the moons
and the rhythms of our tangerine minds

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