Galileo and The Modern Day Woman

It was one of those moments

when she realized nothing

in life is ordinary, in the

true st sense of the word.

At about the same time,

she discovered it wasn’t the

destination that caused her

happiness, but the journey itself.

And although she proclaimed herself

a “summer person,” she learned to

appreciate winter and all it revealed.

She had read once, Galileo, genius that

he was, believed comets were optical illusions,

a thought that offered her comfort.

For if Galileo, “The Father of Modern Science,”

with all his wisdom and intelligence could make

such a mistake, why should she, a mere modern woman,

be ashamed to have made a few of her own?!

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Dawn this is really good, it makes me think of footsteps that I take in my life, really good poem, ty WS

Thank you for your comment..I’m happy that you were able to identify.

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