Dreaming Hydra island

dream let me dream
the small sky that suddenly expands ..oh it expands to new sky sea like horizons
I give you only a glimpse..I am tired and i am ready to go to sleep to see the rest
like dreaming… in hydra isle to see the rest like dreaming………
going from kalimnos the sponge island
to Patmos the holy island it was a journey that took me twenty years
my most hypnotic and
moral,amoral thoughts become very lucid when i visit this place
also known as a butterfly isle on account of its schematic idiosynchracy
in its imaginary holiness,
heretical the ascetic
are mysteries preserved in their purity, or falsified
and alloyed with fictions
living not atheistically the mode of the believer
but i am a poet i must travel eloquent than any lips
birth, place, inspiration, give me the baptism and my fate
with a new glimpse into the human garden
happy as in Eden.
to climb to those lofty and sublime peaks
without reservations and cares
( i spend so much time waiting,wasting)
and after I ate,and drunk the holy wine
and bathed in the Aegean brahma
i felt so buoyant like a moth into the blood of Greece
a voice came from the north wind
compelling me to say…..to hydra to hydra isle … Saronikos gulf cannot wait

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