unmarked stones

when the aegean sky bends its horizon to touch your hills and your mountain tops

no shine breathing life into your crevices expecting the low light surrogate

of your phospherized rainbows retired masterpieces of the opaque sand

words unfinished manuscripts ever -widening circles of melancholy to arrive.

progenitors of my metric life

touchstones without climax

a lavish heart raided by the wind

confiscated by your el greco beauty

constructions of light lyrical tones

recreating lucid pipe dreams

streaking away to the unknown journeys

rendering glowing sea waves with aqua purity

rasping sexographs of existentialistic resonances of self

and now the first shadows died

your sensuality an opening,a promise,a moira

a stone a cross of love

woman,sea,fire, all payments of heart with blood

and night and rain yet to come

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