Two Kores ( two girls)

you are veiling

my wind

pale voice still

of your unknown hill tops

movements and breezes

and summertime kisses

you stand and you hide your smile

your mona lisa pride

i touched your skin the other night

not by design just simple desire

in the white secret bay

my eyes have seen you lay

i paint your lines

in my trembling mind wishing your touch

and make you mine

the sun rays the wanderers

chromatic wings make

with zephyr play amoral games

if the wind was fabric

rose and silk blue would be

first spreads of western sky

the light plows across the sea river

giving red color of brilliance

waiting for the olive-eyed kore

blind with passion

a sudden stir of wind

the port as i gains its opaque modality of shrine

grow into visible beauty and

opened eyes of the dawn

Kore= girl

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