The Quiet Noise

Quietly the noise arrives
surrounding me
above, behind and below.
Slowly it moves without warning and gently
wraps its arms around me.
Although unseen and unknown, I recognize its face.
My heart welcomes the visitor
and without hesitation my spirit drinks
replenishing my soul.
Forever leaving its imprint, it flies away.

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Thanks You, Marlene. Very inspirational and spiritual. I enjoyed it!! When could we get more….

Thank you Gerry for the kind words. I believe the best kind of writing comes from a person’s heart, and so when I “feel” the words, I write them. No rules or set format here…no specific structure or ultimate goal…instead I strive to express only what I feel…

The Quiet Noise is beautiful! I understand it too.
I think it is something we all can find and welcome whenever we need it.
Like going to the mountains, or sitting by a turning water wheel as the sound of the splashing water washes through your soul.
I have always loved great poetry!

Marlene, this is a great poem, opens ones mind, heart, and spirit, ty WS

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