Ceremony of Alpha

Knowing only the poverty of vision I possess I enter the august lent and sinuous realm of virginity to write in the shade of wood with Masonic Grecian light of the tranquillitythat glows in the clear azure atmosphere into waves and splendour of salty breeze wind words have the murmur of groves and of living waters and of still light And may the fragrant breeze that frees and enslaves obey the bliss of being an illumined lover

I breathe the honey fragrance and a smoke- eye of sea tempest with a list of wine and roses for new growth of self but when the erotic flame dies down the charred lips left burnt black sex phantasy the suddenness of eros and desire waves swallowed by the blaze on the sea silk route to Crete

I rest with the blind light

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I have NOTHING good to say! So i say NOTHING!

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