aegean lamentations( a notebook)



stolen soul fragments 

grapes and figs

seaweed beds and sails

linear secrets snake skins 

dressed you with silver and lace


stolen touch opium of lovers

dream-light eyes moon-shadow smiles

erotic ecstasy in the golden isles


i slept with you in velvet grass

and love was born forever then





the sea is calm now dressed in green full of leaves like aqua flowers

coming out to the south beach mixed with foam and trash

the northeast wind escapes from the less luminous mountaintops

spinning the dry sand spraying the meadows waiting , bathing in the moment of light

the monks are coming out of the sky monastery with less worship for the forbidden tourist

to do some fishing and pray for a sea mist or rain that will come as a blessing in the fall

the sea museum man will watch television all night talking to his dog

the retired captain will give us the daily weather stats

the fall bloodless sky will gather all the ghosts in the hills.

earth and stars are waiting for full darkness….. spinning away a greater silence





o Muse

o muse sometimes you enter my mind like a serpent

with your eyes rapped in your veil of illusion

you torture me with your gnostic mysteries of feeling in the world of dreams


there you appear in my soul divine ,naked, pure hellenic goddess


I follow you powerless in deserted monasteries of logos

in hidden places of the heart in secret prisons of acoustic harmony


a slave of your poetic passion a student of the object of desire


come tonight again and open the door of my loneliness


o muse sometimes you enter my mind like a serpent







She arrived at the end of her dream space lost in the staircase of her mind with her eyes closed yet able to visualize the shadows drifting

closer to the first explosion of light that was becoming amorphous a river of wind not

visible but felt in her face.She had being brain alive though half asleep as she started this polysyllabic inner song that resembled a

sonic echo from the world of hypnotic state So she laid paralyzed unable to react to her kinetic thoughts.

Suddenly the sun-rays found the window cracks and came in the room tete a tete with the mirror.She awoke terrified to this double exposure of image not aware that it was her

ikon her real reflection.




Patmos island sorrow

Dreaming in southern Patmos holy island



In the hidden shoreline daydreaming of springtime

daisies seaweed and cyclamens fly in my mind

life will surrender to the light of dawn

goddess the sea with long curve photons


I dream of lips of skin of touch of Alexandrian hands

art I have not to be a slave of passion play


in daisies beds the beauty laid

with my poverty of poetry that that labored nights and days

in love lost in communion of wine

labyrinth moonshine of desire


Summer wind summer dreams die in mire ,all things must end


I never found her again





Aphrodite of Milo

Do not speak of old loves in the sand of time

I went away to find love and got to loose my mind



All your snake roads of your body takes me south


your silky skin light inside my heart


torch in my black nights



I want to find you again sitting in a windy top of the tempest hill


like black Aphrodite of Milo dressed in blue


or inside the the mind of a drunk butterfly


climbing like an angel the stairs of eternity playing harps notes

dancing around the blue clock


I want to find you again. a bedouin girl in the sand of time



aegean rose fields



this gentle breeze in the rose-fields

falls in love with the sea ,plays wind songs while the waves with ocean lights star lights facing the azure come to earth to embrace her wounds

At night I am going inside the heart of the island, and feel the barren hills

I walk with the monks in the monastery of the mind where the souls seek the fisherman

here all my childhood dreams were stolen by the crossers the demons and the vagabonds

the velocity of time is the narcotic power of the mind

is the opium of the night that will bring tears in my eyes

one life was lost so one moment eternal would be gain


and as the vision of the isle faints

this gentle breeze the only solace remains

I am still the seagull boy- man to migrate






A sailor”s wife

in the dusk of a narrow island street

passing the straits of silence into the valley of memory

suddenly she was there, right there.


I tried to run in vein like a deer in danger

the eyes suspended jasmine and rose smiles


Many years I did not see her


tired now from the skin of old loves and

ruby lips of dry desire. 





I never had a dream of her or our time

the pleasure of loneliness belongs to past lovers


returning to the places of my heart blinded my mind

shadows of motion became a cry , wind the circular sky.



gazing off the ocean I feel all alone


the souls emerge and climb the hills


leaving last sailors behind


like music like a night that dies






virtual homelands



the painter aqua god disguised as the art hand of love

the sun lover deprived of sand and blood reflections of chance

and circumstance created the dragons tongue

erotic waves the tempest wrath the seekers dove

the pigeons gossip the silences mock

and gondoliers river sad Gipsies for all seasons

the sea aroma will make you drunk

you dream of staircases into your minds shafts

the blonde woman will turn with your whispers charm



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Who will not fall in love with these verses? Your words are true gems my friend. Great to see you here Nick. Blessings.


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