On audible patterns

i imagined these words even before I wrote them

that for instance there would be two lines for each stanza

that i would now be reading on the second stanza

as if i saw the poem even before it happened

when it happened after the children played and signified over the

world of grown-ups

when it happened after voices burst in surreal and beautiful display

words seen in the mind’s eye happening

even before they happened to deepen in the skin of the moment

that music vibrated even before it is heard

words were said before the tongue even tastes their shapes

even before the pen catches the symbols with which they should be


in the imagined how they are real and in the writing how they are real

and in the reciting how they are real forming a moment that is here

but also so much there before in the imagined on that stage of creation

events happen even before they happen as imagined by the universal mind

and events imagined the universal mind as well even before they occur

and the day is never too late as the night is never too late

music is shared because it is good words are shared because they are good

for the goodness comes from before even previous to  touching the heart

for the heart was there before as it is very here now

in the night of play and music with the magic of the moment

almost always coming from the imagined as if they never happened before

for the beauty of the forming

for the beauty of the shaping

there would be two lines in every stanza as imagined

and the voice ripe with prophecy

and the writing as well as the tasting of the words

in the hour that is very here and was very there before

in the drama of presences that can be traced soon after

every time someone attempts to open the moment’s door

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It is nice practice for audible words pattern. I appreciate your methods.

aww… how sad..

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