last tango

I had of your warmth

and blush

like a senior boy with the melancholy of departure

mind quivering in the border of love and light

with drowned voices had buried at the bottom of separate ways

never have a woman’s cry never had a woman outcry

to come out toward my shadows and be so sweet of surrender

of whispering and haunted passion to my soul

and even never seen always seen your eyes

its oceans given to me as eternal lighthouses of thought

giving me the next stigma of the blind path of poetry as abyss and resurrection

it is so strange that the distant face when you touched me in my dreams

brought to me so much light. you were so clear to me so clear to me

a blue kiss of aqua touch,you were so close to me so close to me

and then the next bend of light burned our souls and parted us again

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