A thousand lives later,

here we are again

separated by the blue veil between dimensions

touching only on the translucent side of dreams.


Through the ages,

I have whirled with dervish mystics;

I have drunk the blood of Christ;

I have even pillaged with pirates,

but no passion has filled me

like you.


I want to be reborn where you are;

I implore you,

where will you be?

I’ll meet you there.

I’ll meet you in the Renaissance;

I’ll meet you post-Armageddon.


I’ll meet you in a still lake’s reflection,

in the eyes of a child,

in the quiet of a frozen landscape,

in the light of a ghost star,

or at the tip of a poet’s pen.


I’ll meet you on a battlefield,

in the echo of a scream,

in Dante’s infernal thoughts,

or on the seventh terrace of purgatory

where I will gladly burn to ashes

that I might feel you again.


Matters not whether we’re thieves or clergy;

Matters not whether we’re one or two,

or fragrant racemes of the same vine –

our awareness shall transcend any state of being.


If only we can cross this cosmic threshold,

we will find one another –

be drawn unto each other

in a Divine reunion

driven from within.


And the Universe itself will sigh.


© 2008



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Delightfully multi-faceted imagery you have spread through this poetess.

“fragrant racemes”
Considering this elongate cluster of flowers opens from the bottom up …

An extended metaphor perhaps?

“I’ll meet you in the Renaissance;”
It would be a revival of learning and culture indeed …

“I’ll meet you post-Armageddon”
This post war battlefield (Earth) will be quite messy and in need of overwhelming vision to re-build and sustain through the prophesied millennial period …

Rising above the challenges with hope and the desire to shed abroad life and light, your write is permeated with love and insight and effectively reflects the visionary that you are blessed to be.

Thank you to Richard, and to everyone, who honours me with their thoughts; I appreciate every word, every perspective.

‘Driven from withi’ is the perfect way to finish that. Thanks.

‘If only we can cross this cosmic threshold,’..
Flowing poem of deep, intense imagery and emotions.Wonderful,Gianetta.

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