Four Short Poems

Dripping, Tripping, Slipping
Kitchen faucet’s
Dripping, dripping
While my mind is
Tripping, tripping
Every drop drills through my brain
Plumber must come out again
Puddles causing
Slipping, slipping
While the tap is dripping, dripping

Diamond Ditty
I want lots of diamonds, diamond rings.
I need to be surrounded by beautiful things.
When I see fine jewels my heart sings.
I simply cannot help it; I just love those blings
Cover me with diamonds, shower me with gold
Fill my home with presents, whether new or old.
But most of all remember above all things
I want a lot of diamonds, diamond rings

Untitled Haikus
A garden of life,
Filled with oranges so sweet
Replete, I enjoy.

Bird, perched on a branch
Calls its mate, beseechingly
Telling of food found

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I love the sound of the words in these poems — saying them aloud is like munching good food! Thank you for sharing.

Glad you liked it, Joan. The ‘Dripping’ one is my favorite of this batch

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