What did KNDU187 want from the people on earth? Fiction? Or is it?

Our sun provides the heat and light we need to survive. The life of the sun seems almost infinite; however, what would happen to us if it only had less than three months before exploding?
Dr. John White, a scientist who defected to NKRA as an accused traitor of the USAA, and KNDU187
made an effort to stabilize the sun. What did KNDU187 want from the people on earth? Why did
Dr. White defect? Did our president betray us and only care for his family? What KNDU187 has to say?

In January 2008, a NASA SSRC 1-2008 press release reported possible sun problems that could result in human race
starvation. http://www.spaceandscience.net/id16.html

I will answer any of your questions.

Thanks. KNDU187

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