We Observe…..

We Observe…..

A day of celebration,
as a nation, we observe.
To all our brave,
who were and are willing to serve.
Time to reflect,
think, take heed.
Do we know our wants?
In addition perhaps, our need.

Army, Navy, Air Force,
Marine, Special Forces.
Each does their job,
with very few resources.

Through summer heat,
and winter’s bitter cold.
Our brave men and women,
endure on, remaining bold.

Always keeping sight,
what they do, why they protect.
We honor our fallen,
all our lives as a sect.

Each travel the world,
leaving family, friends true.
Keeping all of us in their hearts,
and Old Glory’s Red, White, Blue.

Next time you go out,
look around, shake a hand.
It may be someone who served,
protected the USA, our fine land.

Have your parties, barbeque parade,
Remember why, you celebrate today.
All who came before and all yet to come,
will thank you, in their own Special way.
A Very Blessed and Happy Memorial Day
To All!

“Inside Out, Upside Down and Backwards!”

Written by:
Karen Palumbo
5/25/2007 (c) All Rights Reserved.

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