Somewhere in "Om"

“Source”, “Sentience”, “Energy”, “Wisdom”,

“Knowing”, “Compassion”, “Empathy”, “Love”

“Authenticity”, “Destiny”, “Faith” . . .

At what point will we reach all that can

Be said – a tipping point beyond which

We transcend words and rise up into

Something higher, deeper and wider

In that space behind and between words –

A connected knowing leading to

And resulting from a yearning toward

Continuity of Consciousness

Where the edges of separation

Soften until imperceptible?

We spin individual cocoons

Of words that constrain life’s true meaning

And separate ourselves from others

Thinking our poetic arrangements

Will somehow lead to understanding –

That our essence might clearly be known

Or our words will create impetus

Behind breakthrough shift in awareness.

Yet, in this current state of being

I am compelled to continue

Fortifying my cocoon of words

With still more words as the driving force

Pushing my growth yearns for expression

Though its nature cannot be contained

In a string of consonants and vowels.

The Force behind my words is the same

Force manifesting ascension toward

A plane of fewer and fewer words

As caterpillar’s drive to spin its

Cocoon will lead to its day of flight.

Deep down in primordial stirrings,

I feel us all approaching this place –

This next phase of being that resides

Somewhere in Omni-Language of “Om.”


I believe this as a butterfly

Believes in its own transformation –

Morphing in a shift of consciousness

Aching, becoming –shedding cocoon.

When all humanity spreads its wings

Within connected knowing of “Om”,

I trust there will be no cause for me

To write another word . . .

© 2008

(This poem is part of a broader piece of artwork. The body of this poem serves as the body of a beautiful butterfly whose wings are graced with the “om” symbol.)

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The initial posting of this poem shows some spacing errors.

This is beautiful. I could read it over and over! Inspiring and provocative.

Thanks for sharing

I think I took care of it. -Ryan

Thank you, Katalyn, for your thoughts; I so appreciate them.

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