Puppies Delight….

Puppies Delight…..

Sweet little puppy only hours old,
shaking and twitching, are you cold.
Wrapped in a towel, your fur to dry,
you wiggle and squeak but you do not cry.
Eyes closed tight, your tongue of pink,
brothers and sisters coming in a wink.
Better move over make room for another,
guess who is getting tired, not you, your mother.

How many birthdays do we celebrate,
two, four, five, isn’t this just great.
Brown fur, orange fur, tan and white,
everyone is certainly going to sleep well tonight.

All is quiet, puppies together huddle,
mama is sleeping with her proud little bundle.
Three beautiful girls, two handsome boys,
pleasant dreams, think of all the new toys.

A special bed for puppies and mama,
tomorrow we will introduce the proud papa.
Patiently he waits in his house outside,
waiting for the big doors to burst open wide.

Two kitty cats they will meet when they are older,
too soon for now they need to be much bolder.
All in good time when they are strong and sound,
they will meet face to face on solid ground.

Mama stays close to her babies at play,
in the corner is papa keeping the kitties at bay.
They wrestle, they waddle, tumble and roll,
so active at play, the day takes its toll.

Mama signals, time to settle down, go in,
proudly leading her puppies, see her grin.
Papa stays close, he follows in the rear,
making sure his babies have nothing to fear.
Written by:
Karen Palumbo
1/31/2007 (c)
From: “Inside Out, Upside Down and Backwards!”

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