My Baby Sisiter has Leukemia

The news declares a wreck on I-15

A three-alarm fire and impending storm

An Amber Alert shows a missing child

And my baby sister has leukemia

My daughter wants help with training a horse

My granddaughter needs a bedtime story

And hugs and kisses and tucked into bed

And my baby sister has leukemia

There are bills to pay and chores to do

I move as fast as I can but still can’t keep up

So many hats I must wear to make life work

And my baby sister has leukemia

So…the pace of life screeches to a halt

Soon, however, heartbreak fuels action

I lay myself down for a bone tissue test

And my baby sister has leukemia

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Karen, you wrote this in a way that shows each and everyone of us that although tragedy strikes, we need to continue with the everyday things that have to be taken care of. Each and everyone of us are pulled in so many different directions, that sometimes…even when tragedy strikes…we tend to go through life on autopilot.
Touching write that tugs at the heart…especially the last two lines.

Karen, my favorite write of yours. Glad you’re here! Rebecca~

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