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The Bond Code

(Official launch April 15th) The stories of James Bond are not just popular spy thrillers. This is the remarkable tale of how Ian Fleming and his associations with the world of the occult actually led him to create a masterful series of clever clues, ciphers and codes within his novels, revealing a sacred truth discovered whilst searching for his own inner harmony.

Every time there is a new Bond film produced, the same old Bond documentaries are played on our TV screens. Our book and film will introduce not just new material, but radically reappraise everything we thought we knew about James Bond.

The words and concepts may sound strange to the reader, such as alchemy and gnosis, but in this documentary and book we will reveal their truths in a simple and step by step approach. In fact, the codes within will even make people radically reappraise books such as the Da Vinci Code.

The bookMy own journey into the hidden and coded world of Ian Fleming began one winters night whilst watching Live and Let Die. There was a surge of interest for all things James Bond and so, almost every night there was one Bond film or another. I had just finished writing The Ark, The Shroud and Mary and my mind was full of the world of the esoteric, alchemy and psychology. Live and Let Die struck me almost immediately as being a very strange film. Any Bond fan will know that the film involves many references indirectly and directly to the world of the occult – in this instance voodoo. For me at that particular time in my life I was struck by the strangeness of that fact. You see, I had watched all the Bond films many times, having loved them from my childhood, and I had never before considered why Ian Fleming should delve into the dark world of voodoo. Now, having a deeper understanding of ancient psychological methods we know as gnosis, alchemy and a great many other terms, I had to sit down and re-consider things.

That was nearly two years ago now and in that time I have read every Bond novel; searched out every scrap of writing produced by Ian Fleming; researched his background, associations, friends, military history, book collections and even cross-referenced his relatives. What I discovered was to me, simply amazing. I had never considered that Ian Fleming was writing anything other than a simple spy thriller. I had never thought for one moment that the adventurous tales of a fictional British spy would lead me into not just the dark nature of mankind, but the dark world of intrigue he developed and fostered around him.

James Bond became famous in the world at a time when the real British intelligence service was a shambles. SIS (also known as MI6), the Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom was being toyed with by the Soviet KGB to such an extent that I often have visions of them laughing in the Kremlin. Britain was bankrupted after the Second World War and struggling to maintain an Empire, which was crumbling around her. It worked hard at trying to rebuild physically and emotionally along with other European countries. The USSR was a gloomy threat to the stability of the world, and so Britain, along with other nations such as the USA, decided the threat of communism was too great to ignore. And so, they despatched numerous agents, both home-grown and imported from Balkan countries, into the outlying Russian occupied countries. All the time, the KGB were one step ahead, with deeply entrenched double agents of their own within the heart of Western spy networks. Most of this was hidden from the ordinary public, but it did occasionally surface and hit the mass media, resulting in several scandals such as those surrounding Kim Phillby and of course the infamous McCarthy hounding of the so-called communists in the United States. In short, the public needed reassurance that yet another war was not going to break out and that our glorious leaders had things under control. This kind of assurance only comes from very good propaganda and when Ian Fleming created Bond and Kennedy in the States claimed to have “liked it” a beautiful synergy was created – a super-spy to save the world who was of course British, but needed the help of the Americans on several occasions.

Bond was set for the heights of fame and like Sherlock Holmes, he would become more famous than his creator. But there is so much more to Bond than people may realise, for Ian Fleming was a distinctly unique individual with a great many influences. His mind was not ordinary in any respect and this gave rise to his occult interests and associations which in-turn fed information, codes and clever plots into the Bond novels. These clever devices even inadvertently found their way into the films too. Let’s just run through quickly a few of the interesting facts that we discuss in The Bond Code book:

The Influences:

The Bond Code:

In short, Fleming lived in a fantasy world of his own making in-order to escape his inner turmoil – something, which lead him into his own death through smoking 70 cigarettes a day and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. This fantasy world led him into the land of the occult and gnostic thought. He created his fantasy alter-ego as a great alchemical work to fulfil his own tumultuous and chaotic mind, just as many before have done. But he left behind a set of clues and codes for us to decipher – just as our medieval friends did hundreds of years ago and linked with his extensive knowledge of ciphers and codes from his wartime experiences he knitted the two worlds together into something of profound beauty.

However, we shall also discover that Fleming associated with radical secret societies both whilst within the secret service and in post-war Britain. The very codes left by Ian Fleming within his work, are the codes to the secret of the societies…

Biography of the writer Philip Gardiner is an international best selling author of several books including Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed, The Serpent Grail, Secrets of the Serpent and The Ark, The Shroud and Mary. He has several DVD documentaries out, which are in chain stores across the world and widely available through Reality Films. He lectures across the world, from the USA and England to France and Australia. His website is

The book is published by New Page Books.


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This promises to be a very interesting book – not just for lovers of Bond movies. While I was writing my romantic suspense ‘Relocating Mia’, which has a lot of spy intruige to it, I found that my male protagonist Douglas became something (or someone) I call close to Pierce Brosnan in the Bond tales.
I shall look for The Bond Code next month!
Congratulations on a new release!

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