Excerpt from Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands

“Whosoever is in possession of thy book, read thy words carefully, take a second look…. Thou shall falter if thy heart is untrue….”Amber Shadows is your typical “Magia” White Magic teen until she discovers three books written by one of her extraordinary White Magic ancestors. Dangerous secrets of her family’s past are unlocked. Amber is driven by voices from antiquity to begin a dangerous quest along with her two best mates to rescue her missing family members, find two magical wands, and return home safe and sound. Can fourteen-year-old Amber and friends manage such a feat? You’ll have to read the book to find out! But prepare yourself . . . you will find yourself face to face with deadly Dark Magical beasts and dangerous obstacles as you journey along with Amber and friends.

P.S. Don’t say I didn’t warn you . . . .

My dear children, in Magia there are two types of magic—Dark Magic and White Magic. I shall not preach as to which is which; it would be most insulting to your intelligence, and you would most likely put this book down out of boredom. That being said, I must point out the following about the story you are about to read. In Magia things are not always as they should be. Terrible things happen that are not of our choosing . . . things that sometimes befall us against our will, causing loss and suffering.
If you are expecting to read a story about a medieval princess, forced to marry a Dark wizard more than twice her age, or missionary knights setting off to fight and conquer a monstrous dragon guarding two stolen wands of power and glory, then you would be very much mistaken. Although these stories would be exciting to read, they must be left for another time.
It is a terrible thing to be at such a young age in ones’ life, when you find yourself utterly helpless, having your life placed in danger, and living through terrifying situations beyond anything you can possibly imagine. And it is a far worse thing to have to endure the wrath of Dark Magic entities, striving to take what doesn’t belong to them for the sole purpose of revenge, power, greed, and dare I say . . . immortality.
If you find you do not wish to read about the emotional trials and tribulations of a thirteen-year-old White Magic witch-in-training; one that is left in the care of her older sister and brother while her parents are off searching for her grandparents; one who, along with her two best friends, face numerous conjured up beasts and life threatening events managed by the Dark Magic hand of Lady Gondara, then might I suggest you properly place this book back upon the bookshelf, and leave its story for someone else.
As for those of you courageous enough to continue along with Amber and her friends on their magical journey, please keep the following in mind at all times: being born a White Magic witch or wizard is not all wishes granted, wand power, and magic spells to do our bidding as one might believe.



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I can’t leave a comment when I can even read the damn book!

I apologise if you are upset. However, it is on my profile that the book is on sale on most online stores. At the moment Barnes and Noble.com is the best online price. If you would like a signed copy, I have a couple left from my last book signing and would be happy to mail you a copy upon receiving check payment first. I can sell you a paperback for $16.00 with no shipping cost. If interested, please send your name and address to my email address and I will send it out straightaway with signature as soon as I receive your check.

The excerpt on this website as well as a few others is to interest the public so they will purchase the book. Have a lovely weekend and hope to hear from you soon.


Wendy Willett
Amber Shadows series

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