My Darkest Fear

Beyond the haziness that is my mind,
a thought does plague me so.
Lost, adrift and nearly blind…
there’s no true course to go.

Emotional love, what’s that? I implore –
but dark shadows exposed to the light?
A gale merely settled before became storm –
Smooth waters hiding vampirism might.

Lost, still, in this sea of dysfunctional trust,
a moment in time is lost to soul’s rant.
Words that haunted my heart are thrust
forward revealing my devlish desires decadent.

My agony and ecstasy purged in these waters –
silenced a moment, but still raging.
My darkest fear is that love really matters
and is not for the heart to be caging.

Whisper for me into the wind
as my vessel drifts beyond the mists
Perhaps a new map, angels will send
and I’ll know the joy of truly being kissed.

©2004, Lori S. Maynard

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